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30 Dog Friendly Walks in Greater Hobart

Are you looking for new places to walk your dog in the Hobart region?

There are tonnes of dog-friendly walks in Hobart and surrounds to choose from, so we’ve put together a list of 30 walks to help you sniff out your next adventure.

If you’re looking for places to visit and stay beyond greater hobart, check out our blog on dog friendly accommodation, outdoor adventures and cafes.

Tahune Adventures. Image Credit Tahune Adventures Tasmania
Tahune Adventures. Image Credit Tahune Adventures Tasmania

1. Tahune Adventures Tasmania – Tahune Airwalk

Walk above the forest canopy – share the lives of the forest giants from up close – look down from high to the place where the wild waters of the Huon and Picton rivers mingle. The 600-metre walkway ends at a spectacular cantilevered platform, 50 metres above the riverbank where the views extend to the mountains of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Pet Friendly!

2. Battery Point

Stroll through historic Battery Point on the Sculpture Trail (2 km), featuring nine large numerical sculptures that provide a fascinating insight into Hobart’s history.

3. Cascade Walking Track

The Cascade Walking Track (2.4 km) is a lovely bush walk close to the city, with diverse vegetation and an arched stone bridge.

4. The Circle Track

The Circle Track is a nice short loop mid-way up kunanyi/Mt Wellington (the Octopus Tree makes a fun side trip).

5. Fern Glade Circuit

Enjoy shady forest, towering tree ferns, mossy rocks, and a small waterfall on the Fern Glade Circuit (1.7 km).

6. Fern Tree Park

Chase a waterfall on the Fern Tree Park to Silver Falls Track (1.7 km).

7. Fern Tree to Neika Track

On the Fern Tree to Neika Track (4.4 km) you’ll stroll past towering tree ferns, small clear water creeks, and the remains of the historic water supply pipeline (don’t forget to make a wish at the Wishing Well).

8. Fern Tree to The Springs Loop

Admire ferns, mossy gullies and glimpses of the mountain on the Fern Tree to The Springs Loop (3.9 km).

9. Fern Tree to Wellington Falls

The Fern Tree to Wellington Falls Track (12.7 km) is a full-day walk with wonderful views across the valley to Cathedral Rock and Montague Thumbs. Dogs are permitted on lead (partial track only). Dogs are not permitted on Pipeline Track west of Neika.

Image Credit: @dogfriendlytasmania
Image Credit: @dogfriendlytasmania
Image Credit: @jo_may_the_fourth_be_with_you
Image Credit: @jo_may_the_fourth_be_with_you

10. The Springs to Lenah Valley

The Springs to Lenah Valley (7.1 km) is a downhill walk with three historic huts, a lookout, a waterfall, and great views to enjoy.

11. The Springs to Sphinx Rock

The Springs to Sphinx Rock Loop (2.7 km) is a short, level walk to a sandstone rock platform offering impressive views of the Organ Pipes, Hobart and the Derwent River.

12. The Zig Zag Track

True to its name, the Zig Zag Track (1.9 km) zig-zags up a fire trail through the bush into the Goat Hills, with amazing views to the summit, north to New Norfolk, and to the south.

13. O’Gradys Falls Track

The O’Gradys Falls Track (2.2 km) is a short, pleasant walk through open bushland to a lovely waterfall.

14. Old Beach Foreshore Trail

The Old Beach Foreshore Trail (2 km) begins at Jetty Road and treks east to Cassidy’s Bay. Keep an eye out for bird life and enjoy amazing views of kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

15. Blessington Track & Cape Deliverance

The Blessington Track & Cape Deliverance (3.4 km) is a beautiful coastal walk at South Arm offering sweeping views of the Derwent Estuary and the Iron Pot Lighthouse.

16. Bridgewater Foreshore Trail

The Bridgewater Foreshore Trail (5.2 km) features plenty of birdlife and great views of the Derwent River and kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

17. Brinktop Reserve & Richmond Park

The Brinktop Reserve & Richmond Park Track (3 km) climbs gently towards Brinktop Hill to the bushland reserve, which boasts views across the Coal River Valley and Richmond.

18. Charles Darwin Trail

The Charles Darwin Trail (12 km) follows the coast between Bellerive and Howrah, then heads inland to Waverly Flora Park and returns to Kangaroo Bay. Interpretative signs along the trail are based on Darwin’s notes and observations.

Image Credit: Mitch Osborne

19. Clarence Foreshore Trail

The full Clarence Foreshore Trail (14.5 km) is an amazing walk that follows the coastline from Geilston Bay to Howrah. The track can also be done in sections: Geilston Bay to Lindisfarne (3.5 km), Lindisfarne to Montagu Bay (2.6 km), Montagu Bay to Kangaroo Bay (3.3 km), Kangaroo Bay to Bellerive Beach (2 km), and Bellerive Beach to Howrah (3.1 km).

20. South Arm Peninsula Trail

The South Arm Peninsula Trail (4.5 km) follows alongside South Arm Road between the South Arm store and the Opossum Bay store, with views across the Derwent and beaches at either end.

21. Summit Loop at Knocklofty Reserve

The Summit Loop at Knocklofty Reserve (4 km) is a great circuit through open forest, close to the city centre. Highlights include the Frog Ponds; views across the city, up to kunanyi/Mt Wellington, and down the Derwent Estuary; and more than 300 native plant species.

22. Rosny Hill Circuit

The Rosny Hill Circuit Track (2.8 km) undulates around the perimeter of Rosny Hill, taking in views of Kangaroo Bay, the River Derwent, kunanyi/Mt Wellington, and the Tasman Bridge.

23. Conneware Bay to Windermere Beach Track

The Conneware Bay to Windermere Beach Track (2 km) meanders through she-oaks and acacias between two beachfront bays on the Derwent Foreshore (it includes an off-lead section).

24. Lauderdale Wetlands Track

The Lauderdale Wetlands Track (0.7 km) is a neat little short walk around the perimeter of the man-made wetlands.

25. Natone Hill Track

Dogs are allowed off-lead on the Natone Hill Circuit Track (2.7 km) at Geilston Bay.

26. The New Town Rivulet Track

The New Town Rivulet Track (7.5 km) goes from urban to bushland, with lovely pools and cascades in the higher reaches, plus a series of themed sculptures.

27. Swan Park Trail

The Swan Park Trail (1.4 km) follows the Derwent River foreshore east around Gagebrook, with plenty of birdlife around the shallow wetlands, as well as great river and mountain views.

28. Taroona Foreshore Track

The Taroona Foreshore Track (3 km) is a gentle stroll around the coastline and amongst remnant coastal bushland.

29. Alum Cliffs Track

The Alum Cliffs Track (6 km) climbs from Tyndall Beach (adjacent to Kingston Beach, with the amazing off-lead beach area north of Browns River) through beautiful bushland. Add on the Brickfields Track (1 km) to see the remains of the brick-making area of an 1840s convict probation station.

30. Peter Murrell Reserves

The Peter Murrell Reserves and Coffee Creek Track offer a mix of trails that are popular for walking (with dogs on lead), cycling and horse riding.

31. Snug Falls

The Snug Falls Track (4 km) gradually descends through beautiful bush to the cool, fern-lined gully beneath the waterfall.

Image Credit: Tourism Australia
Image Credit: Tourism Australia

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