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7 Wonderful Winter Walks in Southern Tasmania

There really is no need to hibernate during winter, fresh snowfall adds extra magic to our wild landscapes.

That clean Tasmania air is extra crisp, and you don’t need to get up quite as early to catch the sunrise. Not to mention, exploring on foot is a great way to warm up!

We’ve listed a few of our favourite walks to do during the cooler months. Most of these tracks are located within Tasmania’s national parks, so remember to grab a Parks Pass. And you know how dramatic Tassie is, so be prepared for sudden changes in mood (aka weather)!

Safe walking guidelines

We want all walkers to have a safe and enjoyable experience, so please plan to walk safely, be prepared, avoid walking alone, tell someone where you are going and record your trip intentions in the log books. Please read the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Safe Walking guidelines before heading out.

1. The Three Capes Track

The Tasman Peninsula‘s Three Capes Track is an epic (yet family-friendly) four-day, three-night coastal adventure. Each evening, rest up in a beautifully designed shared cabin with luxurious touches, including gas cooktops and your very own mattress. Winter’s shorter days mean you don’t have to get up quite as early to hike out for that breathtaking Cape Pillar sunrise. 

After ticking this one off the bucket list, treat yourself to a few luxurious nights at Fox and Hounds Historic Hotel, Port Arthur Villas or Port Arthur Motor Inn.

2. Lake Dobson & the Tarn Shelf

With some snowfall, Mount Field National Park turns into a winter wonderland! We particularly love how pretty Lake Dobson becomes after a bit of snow (sometimes, parts of the lake even freeze). The Tarn Shelf circuit is another favourite, with the frozen tarns adding extra magic.

Whisk your beloved away for a cosy getaway in the nearby Government Huts. Stargaze after dark, then hopefully wake up to fresh snow!

3. Lake St Clair

The Central Highlands are so pretty in winter, especially when the snow settles. Visit Lake St Clair and enjoy a leisurely stroll around the shore at Cynthia Bay.

The weather can change quickly and often, so a gentle walk with views of lovely snow-capped peaks—without any of the steep climbing or whole-day commitment—is perfect during the cooler months. Perhaps treat yourself to a luxurious night or two at Pumphouse Point.

Snow in Tasmania. Hartz Mountains National Park. Image Credit: @tasmaniaparks

4. Hartz Mountains

The Hartz Mountains National Park is a highlight of Tasmania’s South. Enjoy an easy trek along a wooden boardwalk to Lake Esperance, a glacier-formed tarn in the park’s alpine heathland, or continue on to Hartz Peak.

In winter, parts of the park can be shrouded in mist, making for an enchanting walk and mysterious scene by the crystal-clear waters of Lake Esperance.

5. Russell Falls Nature Walk. 

Russell Falls is one of Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks. 25 minutes return, 1.4km return. Grade 1. Suitable for wheelchair users who have someone to assist them.

​It’s a short and beautiful walk to Tasmania’s favourite waterfall. This easy walk will take you through a mixed forest comprising towering swamp gums, the tallest flowering plant on Earth, and species typical of wet forests and cool temperate rainforests, such as dogwood, musk and myrtle.

Russell Falls. Image Credit: Places We Go
Russell Falls. Image Credit: Places We Go
Fluted Cape. Image Credit: @dherkin
Fluted Cape. Image Credit: @dherkin

6. Fluted Cape

Bruny Island offers a rich history, spectacular scenery, close-up wildlife and various walking opportunities.

The Fluted Cape is one of Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks. 2.5 hours return, 4km, walk clockwise only. A shorter, easier walk to Grass Point is also an option

7. kunanyi / Mount Wellington

Perched high above the city, kunanyi / Mount Wellington is stunning in any season but becomes particularly enchanting during winter.

There are plenty of walks to choose from, including the popular Organ Pipes and Zig Zag, or venture a little further behind the summit to explore Myrtle Forest Falls or Cathedral Rock.

For a one-of-a-kind experience, book yourself onto a guided Off Season experience with Walk on kunanyi.

Summit of kunanyi / Mt Wellington. Image Credit: Luke Tscharke
Summit of kunanyi / Mt Wellington. Image Credit: Luke Tscharke

4 Places to Visit the Snow in Southern Tasmania

While southern Tasmania may be known for its temperate forests and unique wildlife, pristine beaches, fresh produce and historical places, a secret side to this region emerges when the temperature drops.

In this article, we’ll reveal four enchanting places where you can experience the pure magic of snow in southern Tasmania. So, pack your thermals, dust off your mittens, and let’s embark on a snow-filled adventure like no other!

Snow in Tasmania. kunanyi / Mt Wellington. Image Credit: @digitalhippie67
Snow in Tasmania. kunanyi / Mt Wellington. Image Credit: @digitalhippie67
kunanyi / Mt Wellington @oliviaclaire._
Image credit: @oliviaclaire._

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