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She’s Golden, Love: 10 Spots to Visit During Autumn

Autumn in Tassie is really something special.

We know our lovely island has a heart of gold, and in autumn, the outside matches the inside! There’s magic in the air as deciduous trees transform greenery into enchanting displays of glowing golds, rusty reds and vibrant oranges. 

Here are some of our favourite spots to set your heart on fire and crunch some serious leaves.

Autumn in Southern Tasmania 📷 @rhyspopephotography
Autumn in Southern Tasmania 📷 @rhyspopephotography

1. The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

We know just what to do at the RTBG. Push deliciously crunchy leaves into a big pile. Take a respectable run up and leap through the air onto the big pile of leaves. Repeat. Repeat again. Stop to refuel via picnic basket. Repeat the leaf thing again until deliriously happy.

When you’re ready for some zen, take a stroll through the Japanese garden. Pause on the bridge and admire the vibrant bursts of colour.

Hobart Botanical Gardens. Image Credit: @novisiblemeans
Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens. Image Credit: @isabel_galloway
Huon River. Image Credit: @katypotaty77
Huon River. Image Credit: @katypotaty77

2. The Huon Valley

The drive through the rolling hills of the Huon Valley is super scenic, with its orchards and wineries.

In autumn, the golden heart of the apple isle is next-level picturesque!

Go for a relaxing stroll along the Huon River, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the colours reflected in the water.

The region serves up a real feast for the eyes.

3. The parks around Hobart & Beyond

There are some lovely parks around Hobart and surrounding suburbs to relax and enjoy the autumn colours.

St David’s Park is a good one, and you can have a stickybeak at the old headstones if you taste macabre.

Say ‘ahoy autumn’ from aboard the pirate ship in Princes Park, and find a quiet spot to people watch on Parliament Lawns, Salamanca.

(Note: There are lots of parks to discover, these are just a few!)

Hobart and Beyond. Image Credit: @katypotaty77
Hobart and Beyond. Image Credit: @katypotaty77
Derwent Valley. Image Credit: @czechingoutofhere
Derwent Valley. Image Credit: @czechingoutofhere

4. The Derwent Valley

The Derwent Valley is one of the most picturesque spots in southern Tasmania and truly comes alive with autumn enchantment.

There is even a Derwent Valley Autumn Festival! The New Norfolk Esplanade walk along the riverside is magical, with the rich autumn colours displayed by the wide variety of old Oaks, Elms, Willows and Poplars providing lots of beautiful reflections in the River Derwent.

The Salmon Ponds at nearby Plenty are well worth a visit, and the drive is an absolute delight.

Richmond. Image Credit: @melissarogers.22

5. Richmond

The historic Georgian town of Richmond in the Coal River Valley is a favourite day trip, and it’s magical in autumn!

Pack a picnic or grab some takeaway lunch, then wander down to the serene banks of the river to gaze up at the historic sandstone bridge.

The lovely autumn colours enhance the town’s colonial charm.

6. Mount Field National Park

Australia’s only cold climate winter-deciduous tree, the Fagus, is only found in Tasmania. The annual turning of the Fagus is superb, and we reckon it’s extra special because it only happens in our corner of the world!

Visit the Mt Field National Park (pass required) between late April and May to witness the spectacular range of colours, from rust red to brilliant gold. The observation area at Lake Fenton is probably the easiest place to view the Fagus.

Lake Dobson, Mt Field National Park. Image Credit: @wanderingandalwayslost
Lake Dobson, Mt Field National Park. Image Credit: @wanderingandalwayslost
Mt Field. Image Credit: @lake_of_tranquility
Mt Field. Image Credit: @lake_of_tranquility
The Red Bridge, Campbell Town 📷 @islandlight_tas
The Red Bridge, Campbell Town 📷 @islandlight_tas

7. The Heritage Highway

The drive along the Heritage Highway, with its charming 19th-century towns, is delightful during autumn. Be sure to stop at Kempton and the Old Kempton Distillery and enjoy the autumn vibes (the avenue of elms is incredible).

You’ll want a driver reviver at St Peters Pass, near Oatlands – it’s absolutely stunning in autumn. 

8. The Cascade Brewery

The Cascade Brewery in South Hobart is a Tassie icon. Autumn is a wonderful time to visit and enjoy the gardens (you may as well do the tour and tastings while you’re there).

Gaze over the rich golds and rusty reds, past the brewery’s gothic facade, towards stoic kunanyi / Mt Wellington – it might even be dusted with snow.

Cascade Brewery. Image Credit: @flight_risk_media
Pooly Wines. Image Credit: @vintageandvine.au
Pooly Wines. Image Credit: @vintageandvine.au

9. Wineries

If you’re looking for an excuse to go on a cheeky winery tour, Autumn is here to help you.

To miss the mesmerising rows of vines shimmering down the hillside like a river of gold would just be cruel. The good news is, you’re spoilt for choice with wineries in Southern Tasmania. 

10. The Port Arthur Historic Site

The World Heritage-listed Port Arthur Historic Site, located on the Tasman Peninsula is the best-preserved convict site in the country.

In contrast with the brutal conditions experienced by the 19th-century prisoners, the site’s gardens are flourishing.

Spend a fascinating day wandering the grounds, enjoying the autumn colours and brisk air. You’ll learn a thing or two about daily life for the poor sods who lived and worked there in the 1800s.

There are some fantastic activities for kids, so take the family.

Port Arthur. Image Credit @hillarydinning
Port Arthur. Image Credit @hillarydinning

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