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Six of our favourite spots for Autumn leaves in Hobart and Beyond

It is that time of the year again – the time when the leaves of our deciduous trees blaze with vibrance and our famous Fagus leaves shift from green to rust red through to brilliant yellow hues.

The Fagus, also known as the deciduous beech (Nothofagus gunii) is only found in Tasmania, and is best seen in the highland regions throughout our beautiful state. Other trees such as the Lombardy Poplar were imported and planted by the early settlers, and the various species of Ash and Elms line our rivers, creeks and roads and have very distinctive and colourful foliage from March through April each year. Here are a few, but by no means a comprehensive list of places to see some of the amazing autumn colour around Hobart & Beyond.

1. Cascade Gardens

Take a 10-minute drive from the CBD towards the Cascade Brewery and take a stroll through the beautifully manicured gardens that are on either side of Cascade Road.

Cascade Gardens. Image Credit: @simobeedlephotography
Cascade Gardens. Image Credit: @simobeedlephotography

2. Hobart Botanical Gardens

The Hobart Botanical Gardens are located on the fringe of the Hobart CBD, and here you will find the Lombardy Poplar, Ash, Elms and other varieties of deciduous trees.

Hobart Botanical Gardens. Image Credit: @novisiblemeans

3. Mt Field

Mt Field National Park is just a short one hour drive from Hobart and is one of the best places throughout Tasmania to see the turning of the Fagus in it’s full Autumn glory.

Mt Field. Image Credit: @lake_of_tranquility
Mt Field. Image Credit: @lake_of_tranquility

4. Port Arthur

Around Port Arthur, approximately 90 90-minute drive from Hobart which is the location of the first settlement in Tasmania, you will see many varieties of trees, including the Lombardy Poplar.

5. Kempton

The historic township of Kempton, approximately a half-hour drive north of Hobart, and the surrounding Midlands Highway comes alive with splashes of Autumn colour each year.

6. Derwent Valley

The Derwent Valley is a very popular place to see the Autumn leaves and is just a short 25-minute drive from Hobart. Watch for some of the berry trees like the Rose Hip.

Derwent Valley. Image Description: @novidislemeans

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