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Dirty Laundry | Briefs Factory International

A group of people pose in robes against a blue bubble filled background. They are all beautiful.

Strip the bed, pre-soak your expectations and get ready to air your dirty laundry.

In Dirty Laundry, Meanjin/Brisbane’s cult cabaret company, Briefs Factory International, set the night on a riotous spin cycle of physical comedy, athletic prowess and sensual spectacle.

Fez Faanana (aka Shivanana) and their Briefs Boys are on a mission to lather up the audience with soap sud seduction and aerial acrobatics. Each night the Brief Boys shed light on the societal odd socks that ordinarily remain buried at the bottom of life’s washing basket.

In the Boys’ inclusive wash house, powdered detergent is both personal and political. Dirty Laundry’s laundromat setting provides the scaffolding for slapstick circus gymnastics, tumble-dry humour and subversive stain-removal. But it’s also a Hills Hoist from which to peg Australian nationhood and the thinly-conceived gender stereotypes that cling to it like a wet t-shirt.

The Briefs Boys know how to combine the serious, the ironic, and the naked.


20 March 2024




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