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Words First

In this fun, explorative and inclusive workshop, experience the myriad ways that words can fly off a page and transform into song, with a room full of open minds and willing voices.

Is there a poem you love and would like to transform into a song? Have you always wanted to sing your favourite poem? Would you like to delve into poetry and discover its possibilities for music?

When crafting a song, music often precedes words – or words become malleable to the musical structure. However, what if the process is flipped? What if the words are fixed within the structure of poetry, challenging the music to adapt and complement them?

Led by Jen Lush, this workshop will guide participants through the fascinating process of transforming contemporary poetry into song, fostering collaboration and creative exploration. Participants will have the opportunity to select a poem—either their own or from a curated collection—and delve into the process of turning it into a song. From there, we’ll discover how musical interpretations can convey the essence of a poem and resonate with a broader audience.


6 July 2024




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