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Eaglehawk Dive Centre (Tour)

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Eaglehawk Dive Centre (Tour)

Eaglehawk Dive Centre offers divers access to some of the best temperate waters in the world.
The Centre overlooks Pirates Bay on the Tasman Peninsula, about one-hour drive south-east of Hobart, in one of Tasmania’s prime diving destinations.
National Geographic magazine, in January 1997, featured a story by one of the world’s best underwater photographers, David Doubilet. Doubilet stated that Tasmania had some of the best cool temperate diving in the world.
The rich invertebrate and fish life provides spectacular diving, and whales and dolphins are regularly sighted on this part of the coast.
As a Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI), Eaglehawk Dive Centre offers dive courses to prepare divers for all our challenging and adventurous sites. They also can provide diving equipment for purchase or rent. Resort dives and snorkelling available to non-divers.
Our staff are extremely experienced with a total of more than 100 years of diving experience and they know all the dive sites in this region.
The Centre facilities include a wet laboratory for biologists and photographers, lodge, kitchen, showers, toilets, dive shop, classroom, diver training pool and fill station. Divers are transported in wet diver transporter (Toyota Troop Carrier).


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178 Pirates Bay Road Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania Australia 7179
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