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Exhibition: “Garden of the Sorrowful” by Karin Chan

19th September 2019

Karin Chan’s exhibition Garden of the Sorrowful at Moonah Arts Centre (MAC), explores the beauty and sadness of personal relationships maintained across countries.
The exhibition is inspired by a continuous exchange of floral images between Karin (in Tasmania) and her mother (in Singapore).
The artworks tell Karin’s story of a challenging journey to reconcile personal emotions in a search for inner peace.
The exhibition incorporates a wide range of visual forms including sculpture, drawing, costume design and performance through film production.
The themes in this exhibition will be familiar to anyone who has lived away from family and struggled with the challenge of translating affection across great distances.
Garden of the Sorrowful is one of four exhibitions opening at MAC on Thursday 29 August at 6 pm. The exhibition is open from 30 August until 21 September.
Karin will be at MAC on Saturday 21 September at 1 pm for Conversations. This is a free, casual event where you can meet artists currently exhibiting at MAC and hear more about the stories behind their work.


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