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SIM737 Flight Simulator Hobart

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SIM737 Flight Simulator Hobart

Great Gift Idea: Hobart based, SIM737 offers the ultimate in flight simulation – it’s just like being in a real Boeing 737, except you are in complete control of the flight deck. High definition displays and aircraft vibrations create a fully immersive experience. Choose a 60 or 90-minute experience, starting from $180. No experience necessary and longer sessions can be shared. Open 9-5 most days, or after hours by appointment.
Your flight will include:
-a briefing – you plan an experience that’s perfect for you;
-the take-off – including a checklist, advance throttle levers, and rotating nose for your climb to cruising altitude;
-the flight – complete multiple take-off and landings between your favourite city pair or fly to a challenging airport.
What our customers say!
“Great simulator, great staff” Rob was excellent, he was really patient and helpful the whole experience was great, as you sit into the left-hand seat in flight deck you start to feel that you’re in a real aircraft. I highly recommend SIM737 to you. It’s brilliant.
Reviewed 27 May 2019
Steve H, Ulverstone, Australia
You can find more reviews on our trip advisor page. Suitable for activities for less than 2 hours


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$180 - $255


24 Murray Street Level 2 Hobart, Tasmania Australia 7000
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