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11 Amazing Aurora photos from Southern Tasmania

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It was a night of nights. The alerts were pinging, and so were the aurora chasers. An aurora so large that it occupied the sky, and kept many keen photographers out all night. Some have even suggested its the strongest since 1990.

It was the great aurora event of 7 October, 2015.

We’ve selected our favourite images to surface so far from locations all over southern Tasmania, and a wide variety of photographers. A huge thanks to all the photographers for allowing us to repost their images – you guys are the best!

Marilyn Boyle, shot at Seven Mile Beach

Marcus Baucza – That’s a freight train!

Aaron Moy, Evandale – slightly outside our usual area, but too beautiful not to include!

Bonus round! How hilarious is this one from Sarah Lumb-Kubank?!

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