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Thaaa-thump… Thaa-THUMP… Tha-THUMP… Can you hear that? The dark, offbeat heart of Hobart is beating louder and louder… It must be time for the wickedly wonderful Dark Mofo festival (8–21 June 2017). Grab your coat and mittens, and step outside kitten. Here are five mesmerising events not to miss.

Dark Park
How could you possibly saunter past the promise of ‘lasers, art and fire’? Step down the rabbit hole for a dark adventure of your very own – twists, turns and distorted reflections await beyond the fiery gates! Explore mind-bending installations between warming your belly with mulled cider and tasty eats. This one will grab hold of your imagination and light up your brain, probably with lasers. Take the kids. Or don’t.
More info: Dark Park at Macquarie Point

Dark Mofo + City of Hobart Winter Feast
All this wandering the bizarre and ruminating on the peculiar is sure to work up an appetite. Visit the popular Winter Feast and take your pick of devilish dishes and zany drinks. With a huge range on offer, there’s something for all lost souls and black hearts. Go on, taste the fire…
More info: Dark Mofo + City of Hobart Winter Feast

Paint the Town Red
This one is all around you. Stroll along the waterfront, through the fresh winter night, and glance around – you’ll notice a lot of red lights. Venture through the city and you’ll spot some more! What is this, you ask? Has scarlet fever descended upon Hobart Town? Your health is perfectly safe, dear, it’s all part of this year’s Paint the Town Red. Businesses and eager residents are all lit up with red lights and decorations to welcome one and all. Share your photos and you might just win a wicked prize!
More info: Hot Tips: Paint the Town Red Photo Competition | Paint the Town Red Photo Competition

Nude Solstice Swim
This one is for the bravest of the brave. There are two fears to overcome here… The first is getting naked and letting it all hang out in front of others (oh, hey, Janice from accounting). The second is the intense cold of the water that may or may not feel like pointy little knives stabbing you all over. Then again, maybe frigid salty water is the taste of freedom? Oh, we just thought of a third fear… Sea monsters brushing against bare arms and legs and other bits…
More info (and to register): Nude Solstice Swim

Red Bull Music Academy: Transliminal
Ultimate party. Can’t fight it. Get amongst it. Join raging revellers and descend into the dark, electronic underbelly of the subterranean club scene, brought to you in Hobart by the world’s finest selectors. Tickets are available to pre-purchase as well as on the door (subject to capacity).
More info: Red Bull Music Music Academy: Transliminal

The full wild, wonderful, wicked program is available here on the Dark Mofo website.

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