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The End of the Road: Four Activities at Cockle Creek

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How low can you go? On a map of Australia, Cockle Creek is the farthest south you can drive. With its tranquil coves, pristine beaches, forested hills and distant mountain peaks, this little slice of paradise feels worlds away, but is just a 2 hour drive (148km) south of Hobart. There are no shops or services, but you will find a large campsite, spectacular scenery, amazing walking tracks, and an intriguing history. Here are our four picks of things to do at Cockle Creek.

Immerse yourself in the history
Cockle Creek was once home to 2,000 early European settlers, including sealers and convicts. History enthusiasts will find lots of food for thought, with Aboriginal sites, abandoned tramways, gravestones and ruins dotting the area. Be sure to walk out to the Fishers Point Navigation Light and Pilot Station ruins (2 hours return).

Find the bronze whale sculpture
During the 1830s, there were four whaling stations at Cockle Creek, with the oil used for lighting, cooking and the manufacture of soaps and corsets. The bronze sculpture of a young southern right whale at Adams Point is a tribute to this brutal history. Today, if you’re lucky, you might see a real southern right whale migrating north from June to September or migrating south between September and late October. The easy 10 minute return walk to the sculpture begins at the very end of the road, 800m past Cockle Creek Bridge.

Get some R&R at Recherche Bay
With the sand between your toes and the soothing sound of the water, your stress levels are sure to slide south at beautiful Recherche Bay. With its sheltered coastline and calm waters, the area is fantastic for boating and fishing. You might even have the whole place to yourself!

Explore the Southwest National Park
Cockle Creek is the southern entry point to the rugged and remote Southwest National Park, part of Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area. For a taste of the famous South Coast Track, tackle the South Cape Bay Walk (4 hours return) and enjoy some of the country’s most unspoilt coastline. Keep an eye out for curious wildlife  birdwatchers will be in their element!

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