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Has your little angel brought home another pink butterfly painting? Bring some dark inspiration to their artistic pursuits with a family excursion to Dark Mofo. Here are our picks for family friendly events that will have your little darling bringing home mythical beast sculptures in no time.

Winter Feast
Do your kids love roasting marshmallows around the fire? The Winter Feast is a whole other level! A spirited inferno of indulgence and merrymaking for young and old (and all those in between), get your hot little hands on some scrumptious feast food. With over 60 stalls to choose from, the feast is sure to bring warmth to your belly and rich aromas to your nostrils. Entry is free for under 16s. Wednesday 15 – Sunday 19 June.
For more info, see:
The Winter Feast

Boogie Monster lurking under the bed? Evict him via the Ogoh-Ogoh procession and burning ritual! First, head to The Purging at Dark Park and write down a horrible fear to be added to this year’s sea dragon-inspired Ogoh-Ogoh. The creature, carrying the heavy burden of secrets, will be paraded in a procession of noise and colour from Parliament Lawns to Dark Park and set alight! Your fears go up in flames, leaving only the ashes of Dark Mofo 2016 behind. Sleep easy until next year.
For more info, see:
The Purging   |   The Burning

Dark Park
Dark Park, at Macquarie Point, is an interactive art playground with a plethora of installations to explore. Lots are free and family friendly. Don’t miss Our Time, a grid of pendulums suspended in a warehouse and set in motion in unison, or Cameron Robbins’ Anemographs, sculptural instruments that transcribe the pattern of the wind into ephemeral LED light drawings. Dark Park is open from 10 – 19 June.
For more info, see:
Dark Park

Paint the Town Red
In kind of a dark twist on decorating for Christmas, businesses and residents around Hobart are asked to ‘paint the town red’ with lights and decorations during Dark Mofo to give interlopers a warm welcome. Take the family for a drive through the glowing streets and see homes, businesses and landmarks all lit up in a blaze of glory.
For more info, read about the photo competition.

The fiery maw of Jessica the Handfish Ogoh-Ogoh ??

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