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Family Friendly Guide to Dark Mofo 2017

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Ah, out of the mouths of babes. Imagine the gems that will spill forth from your little ones if you feed their imaginations with the dark magic of Dark Mofo. Here are five kid-friendly events for a fresh family excursion out in the cold, winter night.

Sleeping Beauty
Ah, Sleeping Beauty, one of our favourite fairytales (particularly for sleep deprived parents). But, this is Dark Mofo, and we’re betting this isn’t going to be all true love and charm. We do know that there will be twenty-seven huge puppets that will bring Charles Perrault’s gothic fairytale to life in the atmospheric Theatre Royal. This one’s so popular it’s already sold out, but you can jump onto the waitlist. Maybe have a nap while you wait?
More info: Sleeping Beauty

Ogoh-Ogoh – The Purging & The Burning
Does your little angel have a monster living under the bed? No need to pay for expensive therapy sessions, Dark Mofo has you covered. Visit the Ogoh-Ogoh at Dark Park and the whole family can purge their fears right into the belly of the beast. On Sunday, 18 June, join the procession to cremate the ogoh-ogoh amidst smoke, fire, and a whole lot of noise. Farewell fears – don’t bother to write!
More info: Ogoh-Ogoh

Devil in the Streets
Can’t see the forest for the… city? Nature meets urban sprawl in this thirty-metre-long street art mural presented by Dark Mofo and Kickstart Arts. The devil’s in the detail – who can you spot lurking amongst the trees? A game of hide-and-seek might be in order.
More info: Devil in the Streets

Paint the Town Red
As you’re wandering the streets, you and your offspring might just see the town in a different light. A red light, to be specific. Hobart’s buildings and landmarks are all lit up as part of this year’s Paint the Town Red competition. It sure is a treat for the eyes! Get the kids to bust out their best eye (feel free to be the boss of this and do it yourself) and snap pics of this red phenonomen and share it in your social media with the #pttr2017 tag and you might even win a prize!
More info: Hot Tips: Paint the Town Red Photo Competition

Dark Mofo + City of Hobart Winter Feast
There are lots of kid friendly options at the fiery feast! Not to mention the artistic design, the ambience, the chatter, the community spirit… all that good stuff. Reinforce the importance of sharing and help yourself to some of whatever the kids are having. You are such a good parent teaching them these valuable lessons!
More info: Dark Mofo + City of Hobart Winter Feast

The full wild, wonderful, wicked program is available here on the Dark Mofo website.

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