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Are you looking for fun activities to keep your little scallywags entertained this summer? Between the Port Arthur Historic Site’s educational and fun summer program and the Falls Festival’s interactive family program, the Tasman region has you covered! Read on for five awesome activities that will have your little ones happily burning that energy this summer. They might even learn a thing or two!

Get your little terror tattooed like a convict at Port Arthur
Did you know, some convicts as young as 10 years old were known to have tattoos?! If your precious poppet has been misbehaving, a convict tattoo might be an appropriate deterrent to a life of crime. (Alternatively, they might get a taste for the tough life and start pushing the boundaries.) They’ll learn some of the secrets and stories behind convict tattoos, including how and why convicts marked their bodies. Old souls might reflect upon the hidden messages of love, loss and hope that the images conveyed. Kids will have the chance to decorate or design their own temporary tattoos, based on the descriptions of real tattoos that adorned some of Port Arthur’s most notorious convicts! This activity will be delivered through the Family Activities program between 26 December and 26 January from 11.30am – 2.30pm. Check the timetable here or onsite at the Accountant’s House for the full schedule.

Get to know four of Port Arthur’s historic characters with the Theatrical Program
What’s the next best thing to travelling back in time? Seeing four of Port Arthur’s historic characters brought to life through the magic of theatre! There will be four performances held around the Penitentiary each day from Sunday to Thursday between 27th December and 18th April. The kids (and adults) will be enthralled as each character performs, and gives a fascinating insight into their lives at the settlement.
Old Thompson 2.30pm | Doctor Brownell 3.10pm | Linus Miller 3.45pm | The Commandant 4.25pm
For more info: Port Arthur Summer Activities

Signed, sealed and delivered: Try and teach them to listen at Port Arthur
In January, the kids will have the chance to discover some of the ways that the people of Port Arthur kept in touch with the outside world, from the first convict settlement through to the early days of tourism in the twentieth century. Through hands-on activities, the kids can learn about different types of communication, such as the Port Arthur Semaphore system, and the art of letter writing and wax sealing. They’ll also have the opportunity to make a Port Arthur postcard and post it at the site of the Carnarvon Post Office! Best of all, these activities are free of charge. Visit the Accountant’s House onsite from 8th to 20th January between 3pm and 4.30pm (except Saturdays).
For more info: Port Arthur Summer Activities

Burn some energy with the fun, surprising, hilarious, gross and interactive Family Program at Falls
Did you know kids are encouraged at the vibrant and eclectic Falls Festival? There’s loads of fun to be had, with the special Family Program in the Village bursting with high-energy action! Giggle along with Mr Snot Bottom, a deeeesgusting kids’ comedian. Be wowed by Jo The Juggler, an explosive fusion of dynamic live percussion and relentless energy! Get amongst it with Pillage the Village, a very kid friendly, high energy roving circus extravaganza! Make some new friends competing in the Village Games, with tug of war, limbo, cricket, races, table tennis, totem tennis, catch the flag, and more! Experience the joys of childbirth all over again with the slightly rude, very fun interactive sculpture called Gutzy Gutz Gutz Caravan, where the kids (and kidults) climb through the squishy caravan and get re-birthed!
For more info: Falls Festival

Play beach cricket with the Hobart Hurricanes at the Falls Festival
Head to the beach between 8am and 2pm on 30th and 31st of December to join players from the Hobart Hurricanes as they bowl up some beach cricket action! Players will also facilitate some fun cricket activities for the young’uns in the Family Campground on the 30th and 31st of December at 11.45am.
For more info: Falls Festival

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