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The mountain, as kunanyi / Mt Wellington is affectionately known to locals, is Hobart’s strong, silent guardian. Just a short drive from the city, it boasts incredible views of Hobart and surrounds and is home to some amazing walks that will immerse you in stunning scenery. It also tells us at a glance how warmly to dress based on the snow level! Here are five reasons to go up the mountain.

For the magnificent views
To find the best views, drive all the way up the narrow winding road to the summit (which itself is enchanting with lichen-encrusted boulders and sub-alpine flora). The panoramic views are particularly impressive at sunrise or sunset, when you might catch the sky bathed in pretty pastels or fiery oranges!

To create a superb snowman
We’re in Tasmania, so season is no obstacle – it’s not uncommon for it to snow sporadically in spring and autumn, and sometimes even in summer! Continue the classic Hobart tradition of building a small snowman masterpiece on the hood of your car. Smugly enjoy all the jealous glances at your droopy snowman as you drive through the city. Take bets on how far home you can drive before it tragically melts.

To fall for this secret in the foothills
Psssst! We know a (badly kept) secret. In the foothills of the mountain, not far into the easy short walk to Myrtle Gully Falls, there’s another waterfall! It’s so secret that it doesn’t even have a sign post. It’s so secret that it’s called Secret Falls. Well, now you know. See if you can find it!

Because you’re spoilt for choice with walks in Wellington Park
Walks range from easy strolls to difficult climbs. Take in the beautiful forests, springs, cascades, waterfalls and the impressive dolerite columns of the Organ Pipes. Walks start on the mountain itself as well as from Hobart and various suburbs. For a longer walk, try the popular Pipeline Track. Keep an eye out for wildlife and the 500 native plant species that inhabit the park.

To get the heart pumping with mountain biking, rock climbing or abseiling
Unleash the daredevil within and take the mountain bike out for a spin! The Wellington Range is popular for mountain biking as well as horse-riding. If you’re still hungry for adrenaline, the mountain’s rocky cliffs are perfect for rock climbing and abseiling.

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