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Up in Flames! Six Highlights of Dark Mofo 2017

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Oh man, she’s all over! The ogoh-ogoh has been cremated, the shortest day of the year has dawned, and the fat lady has swum. Here are a few of this year’s smouldering highlights to think about while you’re counting down the days to Dark Mofo 2018.

Nude Solstice Swim
Let’s begin with a splash! Brave punters dropped their thermals and waded out into the very fresh waters of Long Beach, Sandy Bay. Teeth chattered and fingertips shrivelled. The shortest day of the year was duly honoured.
More info: Nude Solstice Swim

Laser Beam City + a Burning Thylacine at Dark Park
We need something to warm us up after thinking about how cold that swim was. The fire pits at dark park were a good start, but witnessing the ogoh-ogoh taking our fears down in flames really warmed the bones and the heart. While we’re thinking about Dark Park, how amazing were all the lasers?! Did you see them actually touching the clouds?! Mind. Blown.
More info: A Wicked Wonderland: Lasers, Noise and Art at Dark Park

The walk between Dark Park and the Feast was an interactive adventure, thanks to the ground floor window installations at the Centre for the Arts. There were crowds around each window, as curious people took a peek at the artists through the glass. They were looking at us, looking at them looking at us…
More info: Panopticon

Dark Mofo + City of Hobart Winter Feast
Always a favourite, the feast just seems to get better and better. Tasting all of the food, toe tapping to the festive live music, and immersing ourselves in the magical red fairy lights and decorations was, as always, a very enjoyable experience. We still feel full (with the tasty food and the warm memories, naaaw).
More info: Dark Mofo + City of Hobart Winter Feast

True believers embarked upon a dark pilgrimage down the Heritage Highway from Launceston to Hobart, stopping nightly at wayside churches in Cleveland, Ross, Oatlands and Kempton. Each church was transformed with mesmerising sights, sounds and smells. At one point someone even walked on water. A truly enchanting and immersive experience!
More info: Crossing

The Museum of Everything
Our last highlight is a sweet one, because it’s open until 2 April 2018 so you can go back and see it again! Feel like some kind of strange doll in a giant doll house as you enter Mona’s newest exhibition and explore the weird and wacky art from room to room. The only bad news is that there are probably no macaroons left.
More info: The Museum of Everything

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