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Curious cats, venture out into the night and prowl the Dark Park neighbourhood. Fear eats the soul, so don’t be scared now. Here are our four picks of things not to miss, but be quick, Sunday 19 June is the last night! Head on down between 5pm and 10pm nightly.

House of Mirrors | Christian Wagstaff + Keith Courtney
You’ll likely experience a range of emotions as you try to find your way out of this mirror maze. Wandering with outstretched arms is sure to result in giggles, and potentially embarrassment if you mistake someone for a reflection and touch them (you might make a new friend though). There’s a chance of pain if you get too cocky and walk into a mirror. You’ll feel joy and wonder when you realise how magical the stars look through the glass ceiling, and finally euphoria as you find the exit!
$10 entry.
For more info, see:
House of Mirrors
The Cloud | Patrick Hall
This one is a bit freaky. The ‘cloud’ is hundreds of illuminated faces hanging overhead in bottles. They seem to watch you, as they weep into a thin skim of water on the ground below. All those wearing gumboots, your time has come.
For more info, see:
The Cloud
Our Time | United Visual Artists
Speaking of time, give it the slip in this eerie warehouse installation. It’s all a bit X-Files, with alien-esque music and rows of pendulum lights that change patterns and act like flying saucers. It’s easy to lose your sense of time in this one.
For more info, see:
Our Time
Eat, Drink and be Fearlessly Merry
The Feast isn’t the only place to grab a bite to eat and a local brew. Grab a hot spiced beverage and hit up the funky food vans, then enjoy around a hot fire pit with good friends.
For more info, see:
Dark Park

#darkmofo2016 house of mirrors @ #darkpark was very trippy ! Stuffed my balance up and got lost lol.. #darkparkmeet #hobartandbeyond #discovertasmania

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