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And that’s a wrap! Not one to fizzle out, Dark Mofo went out with a bang! Fireworks at the Winter Feast saluted the sky as the weedy sea-dragon went up with a whoosh in Dark Park on Sunday night. Here are four of the many highlights of Dark Mofo 2016.

Ogoh-Ogoh | The Burning
Oh Ziggy, you fierce, brave beast. What a hero, holding our fears and regrets inside his glorious belly, then sacrificing himself in a ball of flames! (No regrets, though.) Dark Park was an adventurous highlight in itself, but The Burning on the last evening was the perfect send off. Check out #darkpark on Instagram to remember Ziggy and his adventures.

The Nude Solstice Swim
Burning your fears is one way to feel lighter, but this one will also do it. To salute the Winter Solstice, brave souls shed all of their layers (puffer jacket, woollen jumper, thermals, fears and inhibitions) and leapt into the freezing waters of Long Beach, Sandy Bay. Just a regular Tuesday morning, then. Grab a hot chocolate and settle in by the fire before stickybeaking at #nudesolsticeswim on Instagram.

Paint the Town Red
This year was the brightest yet, with loads of business buildings, residences and landmarks all lit up with red lamps, decorations and light displays. New Norfolk particularly went to town on the decorations, warmly welcoming revellers flocking into their town for Asylum. This one is only going to keep growing bigger and brighter! For inspiration for next year, check out #paintthetownred on Instagram.

The Winter Feast
The atmosphere at this year’s fiery Romeo + Juliet themed Feast was incredible. The banquet table was illuminated with thick candles, the alter was worshipped, the fire pits smouldered, the fireworks were banging, and the aromas and tastes were mouthwatering! Until next year, relive the memories via #winterfeast on Instagram.

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