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Do you want to go to the seaside? We know the perfect place! The scenic town of Dover is one of the state’s most southern towns, but is just an 80 minute (83km) drive south from Hobart. This charming fishing village is a top spot for a relaxing getaway. Here are four reasons to hop in the car and drive south to Dover!

The Pretty Scenery
You’ll find the town on the head of Port Esperance – an absolute top location! Faith, Hope and Charity may well be characters in Days of Our Lives, but they’re also the names of the three small islands that Dover overlooks. This stunning spot boasts beautiful beaches and gorgeous rural scenery, while the charming cottages and English trees give the town an old-world ambience. Soak up the pretty sights and switch over to leisure mode!

Quality Fresh Produce
Enjoy your seafood where it’s freshest – right at the source! Try some of the fresh salmon, abalone and crayfish straight out of the fishermen’s haul. Dover is home to the largest Atlantic salmon fish farm in the Southern Hemisphere, so the locals know their way around a seafood dish! Don’t forget your fruit – the town is also a hub for apple orchards.

Gateway to Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area
Dover is the ideal base for exploring Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area. The nearby Hartz Mountains National Park offers a range of walks, with incredible views of remote mountain ranges and stunning glacial scenery. Another option is to drive south to Cockle Creek (the end of the road) for a taste of the wild and remote Southwest National Park. The walk to the rugged South Cape Bay (4hrs return) is spectacular!

Unforgettable Activities
There are some amazing and unique attractions nearby. Try your hand at caving in the incredible Hastings Caves, then float your worries away in the thermal spring pool. At nearby Southport, hop aboard the Ida Bay Railway and enjoy the native bush and stunning coastal scenery along the historic track. Mesmerising!
For more info: Hastings Caves & Thermal Springs | Ida Bay Railway & Café

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