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Looking for somewhere to escape the blazing sun this summer? A hot day is the perfect time to visit the leafy Tahune AirWalk! You’ll be nice and cool in the luxurious shade of the giant trees. Oh, and the views aren’t half bad either. Thank you nature! Read on for five reasons to visit the Tahune Forest AirWalk this summer.

The spectacular views from the walking platforms
As well as the joy of being nestled amidst the shade of the lush leafy treetops, the views from above are simply breathtaking! Take a leisurely wander along the platforms, enjoy the cool breeze, stop to smell the sassafras, and gaze dreamily down to the forest and river below. The average height along the AirWalk is 20 to 30 metres above the forest floor, and the very last section, the cantilever, sits 50 metres above the river. This is where you’ll find the best views; the river’s rich tannins are a stunning contrast to the lovely greens of the forest. For more info, see: Tahune AirWalk Activities 

The sweet rush of cool air on your face with the Cable Eagle hang glider
If the shade from the forest hasn’t completely cooled you off, you might like to speed up the cooling process with a ride on the automated glider. The rush of cool air on your face as you zip 250 metres across the Huon River, stopping 50 metres in the air, is sure to take your temperature down a few notches! Don’t worry, it’s a comfortable glide back down (not too fast) and the landing is smooth. You might feel a bit like a turtle strapped into the pack, but turtles know how to chill, so it’s all good, bro!
For more info, see: Cable Eagle Hang Glider

Sway in the breeze on the swing bridges
This is one of the best bits! Suspended from the river banks, the two swing bridges stretch right over the mighty Huon and Picton Rivers and they certainly do sway. These are also a top spot for Instagram-worthy photos, so pop on your sunnies, strike a pose and get your Instagram husband to snap a few hundred shots. Then you can show everyone how totally cool you are (temperature-wise and as a person). Allow one hour to complete the Swinging Bridges walking loop.
For more info, see: Swinging Bridges & Huon Pine Walk

Plant your feet back on the ground with a forest walk
The epitome of tranquility! After all that time with your head in the clouds, become grounded again and step on the solid earth under the shade of the giant trees. There are a range of beautiful walks for all levels in the forest surrounding the AirWalk. To start with an easy one, try the Huon Pine Loop, a tranquil 20 minute stroll along the riverbank to the most accessible stand of Huon pines in the world.
For more info, see: Swinging Bridges & Huon Pine Walk

Cool off with refreshments in the Tahune licensed café or have a picnic
The café features fresh Tasmanian produce, with local wines, local ciders and beer available to quench your thirst. You can dine in or take away. (Hint: The house-made scones with jam and cream are a favourite.) You can also go al fresco forest style, with barbecue and picnic facilities located around the site available to AirWalk ticket holders.
For more info, see: Tahune AirWalk Café

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