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Snow Day: 4 Enchanting Winter Spots in Southern Tasmania

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There’s just something magic about a snow day. Although snow rarely settles at sea level in Tassie, it does settle sporadically at higher points throughout the cooler months (and sometimes even during freak cold days in summer). We’ve put together a few tips on where to find your very own winter wonderland.

1. kunanyi / Mt Wellington

In Hobart, the closest snow spot is kunanyi / Mt Wellington. Heading up the mountain, violently chucking snowballs at your siblings, and betting on how far home you can get before your little car-bonnet-snowman melts is what childhood memories are made of!

Check the weather conditions before you go, as the road to the summit can be temporarily closed if it’s too dangerous. But hey, if your boots were made for walking, take them all the way to the top!

carmelboyd_ Mt Wellington
Image: @carmelboyd_/Instagram

2. The Mt Field National Park

The Mt Field National Park is around a 90 minute drive from Hobart, through the scenic Derwent Valley. There are plenty of walking tracks to choose from that, in winter, wind through snowy forests, past icy lakes, and onto sweeping views of snowy vistas. The frozen Tarn Shelf has been a real hit with explorers this season!

If you’re into snow sports, Mount Mawson is a great spot to visit after heavy snowfall, with a ski tow operating during the snow season. Fully immerse yourself in the season and spend some cosy nights in the rustic Government Huts nearby. With any luck, you’ll wake to fresh now falling outside!

snapshottours Mt Field
Image: @snapshottours/Instagram

3. The Central Highlands

The Central Highlands become a winter wonderland when the snow settles. There are plenty of walks in the area, including around Lake St Clair, with pretty snow-capped peaks in the distance. Search for snow pockets at the old hydro town of Tarraleah, around the lakefront settlements of Miena and Liawenee, and by the roadside in the wombat havens of Bronte Park and Derwent Bridge.

carmelboyd_ Great Lakes
Image: @carmelboyd_/Instagram

4. The Hartz Mountains National Park

The spectacular Hartz Mountains National Park is accessed via Geeveston, in the Southern Trove. The unique landscape was shaped millions of years ago by ancient glaciers! If you enjoy hiking, pop the 3–5 hour / 7.4km return walk to Hartz Peak on your list. At the top, the iconic view of Hartz Lake, with rugged mountain peaks in the distance, is even more special when the snow has settled.

kate_werner_photography Lake Esperance, Hartz Mountains
Image: @kate_werner_photography/Instagram

We love it when you share your adventures with us! Share your snaps by tagging @hobartandbeyond and using #HobartandBeyond on Instagram and Facebook – we’ll share our favourite pics on social media and in the blog.

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Header image:
kunanyi / Mt Wellington sunrise, @hollypankhurst/Instagram

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