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So winter has come early here in Hobart & Beyond. Well, it did for a day on Saturday the 12th December 2015 anyway. Just 2 weeks out from Christmas and many of the mountain peaks throughout the south and even some further north received a nice dusting of snow which was quite a sight in the second week of summer. Mt Wellington was turned into a winter wonderland. Hartz Mountain, advice Mt Field and even further west to Lake St Clair and Pumphouse Point had snow down to around the 600 metre level.

Here are 9 of our favourite images from the weekend which were shared on the #hobartandbeyond hashtag over on Instagram. Who else is thinking there is a chance of a white Christmas somewhere in Tasmania this year?

aaronchingalingImage Copyright © @aaronchingaling on Instagram.

jackrsuttonImage Copyright © @jackrsutton on Instagram.

katypotaty77Image Copyright © @katypotaty77 on Instagram.

laurenlcooperImage Copyright © @laurenlcooper on Instagram.

loves_laughsImage Copyright © @loves_laughs on Instagram.

meredithhockeyImage Copyright © @meredithhockey on Instagram.

studiobreyImage Copyright © @studiobrey on Instagram.

tassiegrammerImage Copyright © @tassiegrammer on Instagram.

thefloristtreeImage Copyright © @thefloristtree on Instagram.

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