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There is a red handkerchief that seemingly appears from the most fascinating of places and a man with ropes in a generously filled bath tub. If you haven’t stepped beyond the mirrored doors of Spiegeltent down in the Princes Wharf forecourt, you simply must.

The handkerchief and bathtub belong to La Soiree, the award-winning theatrical performance that sold out during every performance in Hobart last year. You have until March 29 to squeeze in with a seat, but they’re selling fast. Filled with acrobatics, puppetry and almost non-human feats, the show is sprinkled with humour and this year includes many new acts never before seen in Hobart.

There’s good reason the audience is told ‘there won’t be a dry seat in the house,’ following Bath Boy’s act. But you must head along to find out why. Along with its hint of naughtiness (15+ audience), there are other acts ranging from a Norwegian contortionist, Swedes who play a special brand of ping pong, and two delightful English Gents. It’s circus on a whole new cheeky, wide-eyed level. Truth be told, most who head along end up with sore cheeks from laughing so hard. That’s got to be good for you!

Of course Spiegeltent plays host to many other performances from circus to comedy to cabaret to music. Guests are invited to enjoy a night out, grab a drink and slide into a lush red velvet booth for the evening. Spiegeltent, which is Dutch for ‘mirrored tent’ features mirrors on the ornate poles, the doors and more – the entire interior offers a true sense of being somewhere special.

Also, if you’re wondering why the Spiegeltent is hovering about for what seems like more than Ten Days, there’s good news. As part of a re-brand the festival now is known as the Tasmanian International Arts Festival, presented by Ten Days on the Island, but spanning over many more than ten days. In fact, most of March.
Along with the Spiegeltent there is a host of other exciting events during the festival. Why not head to Huonville or across to Bruny Island to enjoy the touring Alzheimer’s Symphony. Before the end of March be sure to catch a few shows as part of the biggest and most diverse festival program to hit Tasmania. Oh, and find out about that handkerchief.

For more information visit:
Ticket prices for La Soiree:
Ringside $75
Full $65
Concession $55

Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes (inc. interval)

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