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Dark Mofo loves to push the boundaries and test our limits. This year’s festival was no exception, with bucket loads of weirdness to keep us on our toes. Here are three of the quirkiest things Dark Mofo gifted us in 2016.

Buckets at Asylum (Entry by Mirror Only)
These buckets weren’t the kind you get backpacking through Thailand. They were frothy, but not the kind of frothy you want to indulge in on a Friday after work. We are talking buckets of human urine, people. Dark yellow, sharply pungent buckets of pee. Next!
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The Funeral Party
Ah, how about a nice party with beverage frothies to recover from the pee buckets? Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Oh, did we mention this one involved dressing to kill and dancing the night away at a funeral home? The Funeral Party was held at Turnbull Family Funerals on Thursday, 16 June. Apparently it was to die for. Be a voyeur and check out #funeralparty on Instagram.

90s kids finally had an excuse to bust out the glitter eye gel and dance night after night away like a never-ending primary school disco. This arty party was all grown up, with world class entertainers and an explosive atmosphere! Relive the good times and scroll #darkmofoblacklist on Instagram.

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