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Flames, fancy street eats and a dark touch of Hollywood tragedy are all lurking at this year’s Winter Feast. The annual communal banquet looks, smells, sounds and tastes flaming good. Here are three things to do at the Feast.

Spot Leonardo DiCaprio
Leo may or may not make an appearance in person, our sources won’t confirm nor deny. You can feel the essence of Leo (aka Romeo) in the fabulous fit-out, as the gothic cathedral-like design is inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 adaption of Romeo + Juliet. Feel the romance and looming tragedy in the lashings of black and red, suspended crosses, plush velvet and 8,000 odd candles lighting the tables.

Worship the Fire Pit
A magnificent fire pit is central to this year’s Feast, which embodies the flame-grilled street food theme. Lennox Hastie, from Sydney’s Firedoor, and Mona’s Executive Chef Vince Trim are using the fire pit to cook a couple of nightly dishes, one local shellfish dish and one local vegetable delight.

Taste Something Special
It’s all about creating new food that is a little bit different, so make sure you try something that you’ve never tasted before. The Winter Feast Co-Labs see a local chef and an interstate chef partnered up, combining local knowledge with outside ideas to create new food unique to the Winter Feast. There is also a whiskey bar and a gin bar to assist with the merrymaking.

Dishes are around $10 each, and include meat, vegetarian and vegan options from 60 stallholders, so it will be tummy space that limits you the most!
The Feast is on from 4pm – 10pm, 15-19 June, Princes Wharf 1, Hobart.
Entry is free after 8pm and on Sunday.

We just ate ‘gooey French cheese in a box’ and life couldn’t get any better. #darkmofo #discovertasmania

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