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Top 10 Things to Do on Bruny Island

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Bruny Island

Bruny Island is a treasure trove of natural beauty, abundant wildlife, talented local producers, and captivating history. Bruny makes a special day trip, but if you stay longer you’ll discover so many more of her secrets.

Catch the ferry across from Kettering (you can drive your car on for the easy 20-minute journey). We’ve listed our top 10 things to do on Bruny.

1. Discover The Neck

The isthmus of land connecting the north and south of Bruny is spectacular. Climb the steps to Truganini Lookout and enjoy breathtaking 360-degree views of the landscape. The Neck Game Reserve is an important habitat for wildlife—at dusk, wait on the viewing platforms and watch little penguins and short-tailed shearwaters return to their burrows (best viewed September to February).

2. Walk to Cape Queen Elizabeth

The scenic walk to Cape Queen Elizabeth (3hrs/12km return) is a favourite of many. Trek through bush, wander over sand dunes, walk along a remote beach, explore rocky crevices, and spot wildlife on your adventure. The rocky archway at Mars Bluff is a fun highlight. Enjoy amazing views across The Neck and out towards Adventure Bay. If you’d like a guide, Bruny Island Safaris offer a bushwalking tour (including some yummy food tastings).

3. Tour the Cape Bruny Lighthouse

The charming Cape Bruny Lighthouse was first lit in 1838 and only retired in 1996, when a new solar-powered light was erected nearby. Join Bruny Island Lighthouse Tours to climb the winding steps to the top, enjoy the views from the balcony, and hear stories about what life was like living and working in the lighthouse.

4. Explore the South Bruny National Park

Explore Bruny’s beautifully preserved natural environment in the South Bruny National Park. Discover giant sea cliffs, walk along long sandy beaches, enjoy a range of bushwalks, explore coastal heathland and towering forests, and tour a historic lighthouse. The park is also a haven for several rare and endangered animal and plant species.

5. Surf at Cloudy Bay

Cloudy Bay feels worlds away; a hidden gem in the South Bruny National Park. As well as living up to its name in the cloud stakes, it can also get pretty windy, and is a popular spot with experienced surfers. Stroll dramatically along the 5km long beach and enjoy the wild remoteness. The ‘loo with a view’ is a quirky surprise—we’ll let you find it for yourself! You can camp at Cloudy Corner or The Pines, or treat yourself to a little getaway in the Cloudy Bay Beach House or Cloudy Bay Villa.

6. Relax at Adventure Bay

Relax at peaceful Adventure Bay, like something out of a dream. This is the perfect spot to settle in with a good book. Admire the stunning colour of the water, walk along the pristine sand, and maybe even go for a paddle if it’s warm enough. Find the globe sculpture and see if you can spot the whales in it (and perhaps real whales migrating out in the distance).

7. Spot a white wallaby

Bruny Island’s famous white wallabies like to hang out around the Adventure Bay entrance to the South Bruny National Park. They are pretty special, with a fairly strong population on Bruny due to their isolation. Admire their unique beauty, but remember that they are wild animals, so don’t feed them human food and respect their space.

8. Taste the incredible local bounty

Bruny Island is pretty well known for the amazing local produce. Indulge in fresh oysters and seafood, artisan cheese, chocolate and fudge, honey, berries, and more. If you fancy a tipple, head to Bruny Island Premium Wines or Hotel Bruny. There are also some fantastic foodie tours available; check out the Bruny Island Traveller Day Tour and the Bruny Island Foods, Sightseeing & Lighthouse Tour.

9. Take a half-day eco-cruise

Spot dolphins, seals, seabirds, and maybe even whales on an awesome three-hour exploration of Bruny’s rugged southern coastline. A wilderness tour with Bruny Island Cruises gets you right in the thick of Bruny’s spectacular scenery, with epic sea cliffs, intriguing sea caves, towering crags, and a blowhole that seems to be alive.

10. Indulge your inner birder

Bird enthusiasts are itching to go twitching on Bruny Island, where you can go bird watching with specialist guides. All twelve of Tasmania’s endemic birds can be found on the island and Bruny is a sanctuary for Forty Spotted Pardalotes and Swift Parrots. The celebrated Bruny Island Bird Festival is on every two years (the next event will be 8th – 10th October 2021).

Forty-spotted pardalote

Image: Chris Tzaros via @brunybirdfestival/Instagram

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Header image: South Bruny National Park: Brett Chatwin


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