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It’s that time of year again! Get your excited tastebuds down to the Taste of Tasmania. Delicious local produce will be sizzling, roasting, baking and bubbling on the scenic Hobart waterfront from 28 December 2016 to 3 January 2017. No need to waste precious eating/drinking energy on figuring out what to choose – with these tasting tours all the hard work is done for you!

Old favourites

Legends of the Taste
What better way to kick this year’s festival off than by saying ‘hello old friend’ to all of your favourites? The Taste wouldn’t be the same without these legends, so come and meet the stalwarts and sample their iconic dishes. Savoury, sweet and sippable are all ticked off on this tour.
For more info: Legends of the Taste

Salamanca Market
If you get anxious at the thought of having to wait another whole year to indulge in your favourite Taste dishes, this is the tour for you. You’ll meet the amazing producers that sell their wares at the market year round, with sweet treats, fresh produce, local fruit jams, olive oils and more ripe for the picking.
For more info: Salamanca Market

Sensational Spotlights

Sensational Seafood
This one is for serious seafood lovers! Explore the incredible produce from the cold, clean waters of Tasmania’s pristine coastline, with wild caught fish, freshly shucked oysters, and divine salmon dishes ready to delight you.
For more info: Sensational Seafood

North-West Trail
This tour shines a spotlight on Tasmania’s North-West, which has a reputation as one of the prime food production regions of Australia. Indulge in the region’s finest, with visits to outstanding niche producers (includes alcoholic beverages).
For more info: North-West Trail

Sweet Eats
We’re all a little bit sweet on this one. Indulge your sweet-tooth on this tasting trail, with lush berry fruits and decadent desserts.  Oh my lawd!
For more info: Sweet Eats

Taste the World

Export Quality
Tasmania’s cool climate creates some intense flavours, making our fine produce increasingly sought after. This tour will show you why our beef, dairy, salmon, vegetables, lamb, cherries and hops are all-star exports.
For more info: Export Quality

Global Gourmet
Taste the vibrant flavours from around the globe without having to leave our beautiful island! Immerse yourself in the diverse taste sensations of different cultures, from South America to the sub-continent.
For more info: Global Gourmet

Top Tipples

Wine Lovers
We’re spoilt for choice with three different Tasmanian wine tours! Float away on the sparkling tour, where you’ll taste the stylistic varieties and learn about why our grapes are particularly suited for making bubbles. Discover why our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir is so good on the varietals tour. Fully immerse yourself on the aromatic tasting tour, including the fresh and zippy Riesling, grassy Sauvignon Blanc and delightful Pinot Gris.
For more info: Wine Lovers – Sparkling | Wine Lovers – Star Varietals | Wine Lovers – Aromatics

Craft Brewing Bonanza
Learn about the incredible diversity created by our local brewers, with something for all palates. Meet the makers passionate about beer, and taste their signature and seasonal brews. Cheers!
For more info: Craft Brewing Bonanza

Take a tasting tour of our amazing cider trail, with heritage cider varieties, pears, cherries and more making their way into the bottle. Hear the cider makers’ stories of their craft as you explore the diversity of delicious cider styles.
For more info: Ciderlicious

Distillery Degustation
Tasmania has quite the distillery scene, with around 20 licensed distilleries now making an impact locally and internationally. Take this evening tour to sample a range of distilled products and also enjoy some tastings morsels.
For more info: Distillery Degustation

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