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Why You Should Say ‘I Doo’ to Doo Town

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Searching for Xanadoo? We’ve found it, and it goes by the name of Doo Town! It’s quirky, tongue-in-cheek and a little bit rude. Doo read on to find out how this all started, and why you should visit. It’s a Doozy!

How do you Doo?
This quirky shack town is Doo-ing It Easy, overlooking the southern end of picturesque Pirates Bay. However, in the 1830s when the settlement was established as a timber station, it had to Make Doo without a name…

What are ya Gunnadoo about it?
Just when the town looked Doo-med to be without a name forever, in 1935 a Hobart architect named Eric Round wanted to Doo Right, so he gave his shack the name ‘Doo I’. His neighbours didn’t Doo Nothing, with the naming trend soon catching on. Doo Come In to the town nowadays and have a gander and a giggle at the many cheeky names!

Wattle-I-Doo when I visit?
All that giggling will work up an appetite, but don’t say ‘Sheil Doo’ to any old thing – visit the Doo-lishus food van at the Tasman Blowhole carpark (between September and April) and treat yourself to some fresh fish and chips with ice-cream and berries for dessert! After all that indulging, don’t Doo F*** All, check out one of the beautiful coastal bushwalks nearby (such as Waterfall Bay), head on to the Port Arthur Historic Site, or find out why there’s Much-A-Doo about the natural wonders at Eaglehawk Neck. Go on, Just Doo It!

You have to see it to believe it. Every house has a name sign with the word Doo in it. Quaint or what? #dootown

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