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Cloudy Creek Cottage

Cloudy Creek Cottage Aerial Photo
Cloudy Creek Cottage Property Wildlife
Cloudy Creek Cottage Exterior
Cloudy Creek Cottage Interior
Cloudy Creek Cottage Interior
Cloudy Creek Cottage Interior
Cloudy Creek Cottage Interior
Cloudy Creek Cottage Sleep-out
Cloudy Creek Cottage Property Creek
Cloudy Creek Cottage Property Wildlife

Float in serenity, far from the madding crowds, where an ancient land marries a timeless sea, and the thundering surf heralds the return of gently drifting waters and guests to South Bruny’s picturesque shores.

Cloudy Creek Cottage graces the banks of the broad lower reaches of Saintys Creek, where the cool mountain waters of Bruny Island’s rainforests flow serenely by. This coastal haven is situated on 50 acres of mixed bushland, offering warm and tranquil accommodation for up to eight guests. Walking trails lead to the edge of Saintys Creek through tall groves of melaleuca and onto the ever-beautiful Cloudy Bay Lagoon.

A comfortable two-bedroom mudbrick cottage with an additional unique sleeping loft provides accommodation for six, whilst a separate sleepout for two can be found nestled amongst the trees.

The natural vegetation and diverse plantings have created a sanctuary for many of Bruny Island’s species. Wallabies, pademelons, echidnas, blue tongue lizards and frogs, are all commonly seen. The rich variety of birdlife includes pink robins, swift parrots, masked owls, and 40-spotted pardalotes, making it an ideal location for twitchers and naturalists.




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