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Glow Show Tasmania

Tasmania is rapidly becoming known as a hotspot for natural phenomena that glow in the dark, and we will show you how to find it! The Glow Show is a uniquely Tasmanian experience that showcases the wonder of these phenomena, including the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights), sea sparkles (marine bioluminescence), glow-worms, ghost mushrooms and fluorescent animals.

Based in the heart of Hobart’s creative district, the Glow Show offers two unforgettable experiences hosted by world-renowned scientist and science communicator, Dr Lisa Gershwin.

Enter the Glow Show studio for an immersive learning and storytelling experience. Encounter fascinating facts about Tasmania’s glowing phenomena and discover how to find these things in nature on your own. The Glow Show is suitable for adults, children, tourists and locals – anyone with an interest in things that glow.

For those wanting guidance in the great outdoors, the Awe Hunters tour heads into the night to look for fluorescent marsupials and scuttling invertebrates, glimmering green ghost mushrooms, the aurora dancing across the horizon, or electric-blue sea sparkles lighting the coastline. Whatever is glowing in the night, we will find it!




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