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Inala Nature Tours

40 Spotted Pardalotes - Inala
Bennetts Wallaby Joey
Platypus - Inala Nature Tours
Common Wombat - Inala Nature Tours
White Wallaby - Inala
Tasmanian Echidna
Pink Robin - Inala Nature Tours
Tasmanian Scrubtit - Inala Nature Tours

Inala Nature Tours offers personalised birdwatching and wildlife tours of Bruny Island and Tasmania. It is based on Inala, a 1500 acre nature refuge on Bruny Island, which is home to six threatened bird species, all 12 Tasmanian endemic birds, echidnas, and white wallabies. It features Australia’s only hide tailor made for raptor viewing and a canopy platform that provides close views of the endangered Tasmanian endemic bird, the forty spotted pardalote. Inala is also a wildlife rehabilitation centre. Accommodation is available on the property.

Each tour is personally designed, and may be partially or fully guided. Tour packages range from a walking tour at Inala, half and full day tours of Bruny Island, to longer tours around Tasmania to see a variety of birds in their natural habitats, including the critically endangered orange-bellied parrot, as well as Tasmanian devils, wombats, kangaroos, and platypus. Join their night tours on Bruny Island to see penguins, quolls, potoroos, wallabies and possums. They have also licensed travel agents and can book all your travel and accommodation arrangements.

Their guides have detailed knowledge of the Tasmanian flora and fauna. The owner, Dr. Tonia Cochran, is a trained botanist, zoologist and specialist birdwatching/wildlife guide with experience in leading tours throughout Australia.



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