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Kettering is a small town in a peaceful, idyllic setting on the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, about 30 minutes’ drive or 37 kilometres south of Hobart. The area was first explored by French navigator Bruni D’Entrecasteaux in 1792 and by the early 1800s whalers, sealers and timber cutters had settled in the region. The area around Kettering continued to develop due to its suitability for timber, and berry and fruit farming. The scallop industry was also a boom in the first half of the 1800s.

Kettering now has a thriving community involved in many artistic and maritime pursuits. Yachts, fishing boats, salmon farmers in their runabouts, and sea kayaks are all regular sights in the sheltered waterways. There are two major marinas, as well as many smaller, privately owned jetties, and over 600 boats that call Kettering home. It also serves as an important service hub for local farmers and producers. Vineyards and colourful orchards of berries, cherries and apples surround the general area.

The Bruny Island Ferry, Mirambeena, is a vehicular ferry which runs a return trip numerous times a day from Kettering to Bruny Island. At the ferry terminal there is a comprehensive visitor centre also housing a gift shop and a waterfront cafe, which specialises in local produce and seafood.
Kettering is also home to a distinctive 1930s built hotel, which boasts superb views across to Bruny Island. The hotel houses a restaurant and offers bar meals. A Turkish cafe also serves as the local deli, and don’t miss the speciality hand-made chocolates available from the local chocolatier. Great pizzas and coffee can be found at a small cafe opposite the oval.

There are a number of accommodation options in the area, including charming self-contained cottages, beautifully appointed bed and breakfast options and luxurious suites overlooking the marina. The hotel also offers rooms upstairs.

For a great view out across the D’Entrecasteaux Channel toward Bruny Island, take the short 10 minute walk through she-oak trees to Kettering Point.

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