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Lavender Goat Farm

Lavender picking
Sheep at dusk in the lavender field
Distillation in the hayshed
Lavender distillation workshop
winter botanicals
heidi the goat
Glenda the goat
woman smelling lavender
basket of lavender
lavender in ful bloom

At Lavender Goat Farm, visitors are greeted by the serene beauty of nature on the picturesque banks of the Huon River in Tasmania. Stepping into this organic lavender farm is like entering a fragrant oasis where the soothing aroma of lavender permeates the air.

The experience begins with the opportunity to hand-pick fresh lavender blooms, connecting visitors to the essence of the farm’s sustainable practices. Wander through vibrant lavender fields, enveloped in hues of purple, while immersing yourself in the calming ambience.

After the picking session, guests are invited to witness the captivating process of lavender oil distillation. Learn about the delicate art of extracting the precious essential oil from the harvested lavender, gaining insight into the farm’s commitment to producing high-quality organic products.

For those seeking a deeper understanding of lavender cultivation, the farm offers engaging farm experiences. Engage in educational workshops, where experts share their knowledge on sustainable farming techniques and the therapeutic benefits of lavender. Get your hands dirty and participate in various farm activities, from planting lavender seedlings to tending to the farm’s friendly goats.

Visiting Lavender Goat Farm is a multisensory journey that rejuvenates the spirit, leaving visitors with lasting memories of tranquillity, organic beauty, and a deeper appreciation for sustainable lavender farming practices.

A short drive from the township of Cygnet on the banks of the Huon River.



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