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Liffey Falls Walk – Great Short Walk

Liffey Falls Walk - Great Short Walk

Liffey Falls Walk is one of Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks. The 60 Great Short Walks offer the best of Tasmania’s day walking opportunities.

45 minute return, 2km, from the top car park. Grade 2.

These beautiful, multi-level falls are nestled in deep, mossy forest beneath the spectacular Great Western Tiers. ​Water from the plateau flows into the Liffey River. As it rushes downslope it erodes away the softer mudstone, exposing sandstone steps over which the abundant waters tumble.

There are two walking tracks to the falls. The walk from the top car park, which has picnic facilities, offers a shorter, well-made walking track. The track from the lower car park, where there are minimal facilities, is longer and not as well formed. Both tracks lead you through some wonderful tracts of rainforest.​

The walk will take you past four main cascades, starting upstream with Alexandra Falls, then Hopetoun Falls, Albert Falls and Victoria Falls (the latter commonly known simply as “Liffey Falls”). Viewing platforms along the track provide great opportunities for photography.

Please refer to the Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania website (parks.tas.gov.au) for up-to-date information about this walk, alerts, closures, safe walking guidelines, leave no trace principles and National Park entry fees where applicable.


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