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Luke Tscharke Photography

Luke Tscharke - Aurora Australis and southern lights photography workshops
Luke Tscharke - night and astrophotography workshops
Luke Tscharke - Sunset photography workshops
Luke Tscharke - Sunrise and sunset photography workshops
Luke Tscharke - Sunrise and sunset photography workshops

Luke Tscharke Photography is a photography tour and event operator based in Hobart, Tasmania. Specialising in immersive workshops, Luke Tscharke offers personalised photography experiences for groups of all sizes. These workshops cater to a variety of photography styles, including landscape, nightscape, and nature photography.

Participants can explore Tasmania’s breathtaking landscapes during the day and engage in astro-tourism sessions at night, capturing the stars and the aurora australis when conditions are favourable. With a deep understanding of weather patterns and night sky conditions, Luke ensures that itineraries are flexible and adapt to provide the best photographic opportunities.

The workshops benefit from Luke’s extensive experience and partnerships, such as with Sony Australia, providing access to professional loan equipment. This ensures participants are well-supported in their technical needs, enhancing their overall experience and learning.

Luke Tscharke Photography is committed to sustainable practices, adhering to Nature First principles and Leave No Trace ethics. Luke’s workshops are designed to be both educational and inspiring, teaching participants about Tasmania’s unique environment and instilling a sense of stewardship.

Participants receive comprehensive support, including pre- and post-workshop assistance, to ensure they are well-prepared and continue to develop their skills beyond the sessions. Collaborations with local tour operators and high-quality accommodation options further enrich the experience, making each workshop not only educational but also highly enjoyable.



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