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Maingon Blowhole

Maingon Blowhole is a walk in Tasman National Park.

1 hour, 3.3 km return. Grade 2.

This easy walk to Maingon Blowhole weaves through rolling sand dunes and coastal vegetation. Take a seat and admire the view across Basket Bay towards Maingon Heights and Cape Raoul beyond. Surfers can sometimes be spotted riding the waves back in towards the Remarkable Caves.

As you continue on to the blowhole, keep an eye out for echidnas, yellow-tailed black cockatoos and some of Tasmania’s small endemic birds flitting through the scrub; you may even spot a Forty-spotted pardalote. ​ The overstory of white gums (Eucalytpus viminalis) and blue gums (Eucalyptus globulus) provides shade and resting spots for many of these birds.

Gaze west over the ocean and you will see the spectacular sea cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula; none more spectacular than Cape Raoul on a clear day. The blowhole was formed when a sea cave collapsed leaving behind a deep, narrow sink hole. Puffs of sea mist can often be seen rising as the ocean crashes below. Return along the same track.

Please refer to the Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania website (parks.tas.gov.au) for up-to-date information about this walk, alerts, closures, safe walking guidelines, leave no trace principles and National Park entry fees where applicable.


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