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Mures Lower Deck

Mures Lower Deck food spread
Cooked Australian Prawns
Tasmanian Southern Rock Lobster
Mures Line-Caught Fish & Chips
Gourmet Seafood Platter
Hot Chilli Mussels
Tasmanian Natural Pacific Oysters
Mures Smoky Seafood Choweder
Fish & Chips on the docks
A selection of Mures ice creams

Mures Lower Deck is a seafood bistro, cafe and fishmongers that specialises in sustainable local seafood. Established in 1987, this family owned and operated establishment is an icon of the Hobart Waterfront.

Offering a hook-to-plate experience with fish caught by Mures own fishing vessels, Lower Deck is a family dining venue that showcases premium seafood in a comfortable, casual setting. The menu features award-wining fish & chips, oysters, scallops, squid, chowder and a variety of other loved local seafood, and non-seafood dishes alike including over 32 different flavours of ice cream.

With beautiful water views across Victoria Dock, Lower Deck allows you to enjoy the very best seafood in a environment that is supported by family history, Tasmanian passion, and intimate knowledge of the seafood industry.



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