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Tasmania’s Most Haunted

TMH Ghost & Paranormal Tours
TMH Ghost & Paranormal Tours

Tasmania’s Most Haunted hosts Ghost and Paranormal Tours in some of Tasmania’s most iconic sites – including the Willow Court Asylum, Military Gaol in Hobart’s Anglesea Barracks and the majestic Gaiety Theatre in Zeehan.

Specialising in providing experiences of the darker kind and therefore we focus on generating interest in our culture and heritage in Tasmania through non-traditional methods.
Our tours and investigations are different from what most people expect because we do not offer gimmicky, tasteless and historically unsound tour content – that is the antithesis of Tasmania’s Most Haunted.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, above all, our tours will keep you intrigued as you learn of chilling experiences from past guests and you will certainly discover some of the secrets these sites has to tell.

Each and every tour is conducted with the care and sensitivity, therefore this has resulted in Tasmania’s Most Haunted being one of the leading operators in the state with a team of highly experienced guides who have the upmost respect for our sites.

Our tours and events will finally immerse you into the unknown with a spine-tingling experience you will never forget.

Above all, our guests often say, “We are one of the SPOOKIEST Ghost Tours” in Tasmania.



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