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Weather in Tasmania

What makes Tasmanian weather so appealing is that the island state has four distinct seasons. This means you can frolic in the snow, feel cool wind on your face and bask in our sunshine on a perfectly still autumn day.

The warmest months fall between December and March, coinciding with plenty of summer activity including the Taste Festival and arrival of Sydney to Hobart yachts around the New Year period. The average maximum summer temperatures are between 17 and 23 degrees Celsius, while during winter months the temperature drops to 3-11 degrees Celsius on average.

Although we receive a joke or two about our weather in comparison to our mainland counterparts, Hobart is actually the second-driest capital city behind Adelaide (average 626 millimetres) so you’re more likely to have your game of tennis ruined by rain in another Australian capital! Rainfall varies dramatically depending on where you are on the island. For instance, in the west the average rainfall nis 2400mm, ideal for the rainforests of this region.

The most important thing to remember when packing for a Tasmanian holiday is to be aware that the weather can change with little warning. This is particularly important if you’re planning on being outdoors. Our sun has a harsh burn to it, and in a moment’s notice when bushwalking this sunshine can turn to thunder clouds. Make sure you layer up with warm clothing and waterproof gear. It’s better to be ready for all conditions.

Hobart Average Temperatures

As a guide, take a look at the average daily temperatures in Hobart and average rainfall in millimetres:

Month Min Max Rain
January 11 22 42mm
February 12 22 36mm
March 11 21 37mm
April 9 18 45mm
May 6 15 36mm
June 5 13 31mm
July 4 12 45mm
August 5 13 48mm
September 6 15 40mm
October 7 17 48mm
November 9 19 45mm
December 11 20 54mm
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