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SIXTY: The Journal of Australian Ceramics 60th Anniversary 1962–2022

Glenn Barkley, thatisnocountry4oldmen (sailing2byzantium) detail, 2022
Ben Richardson, Sheltering 2022.
Gerry Wedd, Welcome Pot 2015
Honor Freeman, small acts of care and repair, 2021
Kenji Uranishi, Where the river meets the sea, 2022

A special Australian Design Centre (ADC) On Tour exhibition project presented in partnership with The Australian Ceramics Association to acknowledge this significant anniversary. The Journal of Australian Ceramics (JAC) has, over its sixty years of print publication, presented the history of ceramics in Australia. It has acknowledged the achievements of so many in that time, as well as educating readers on the importance and position of ceramics within Australian art.

The JAC is unique in its enduring focus on all areas of ceramic art practice, finding a balance between aesthetic, technique and education. Over the sixty-year history of The JAC what has unified the thousands of artists is their sense of community, as well as the generosity in passing on skills and knowledge to their fellow artists and for the next generation of makers.

The exhibiting artists are: Glenn Barkley | Alison Milyika Carroll | Kirsten Coelho | Greg Daly | Pippin Drysdale | Dan Elborne | Penny Evans | Honor Freeman | Susan Frost | Shannon Garson | Patsy Hely | Jeffery Mincham | Damon Moon | David Ray | Ben Richardson | Tania Rollond | Owen Rye | Jane Sawyer | Yul Scarf | Vipoo Srivilasa | Kenji Uranishi | Gerry Wedd

Exhibition partners: The Australian Ceramics Association, Visions of Australia, Gordon Darling Foundation, The Journal of Australian Ceramics, Garbett Design, Signwave Newtown


11 April 2024



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12 April 2024

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