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Bruny Island Photography

Courts Island sunrise
Cape Bruny Lighthouse star trail back-lit by Aurora australis
Amazing lava clouds at Cloudy Bay
Australian Fur Seals cuddling
Photography guests immersing in nature
Serene morning lagoon reflections
Cape Bruny Lighthouse
Lagoon sunrise
Great Bay sunset

Bruny Island Photography is dedicated to capturing and showcasing the Island’s unique natural beauty. A microcosm of the Tasmanian mainland, Bruny Island is blessed with an extraordinarily diverse range of distinct environments comprising spectacular coastlines, geological wonders, rainforests, mountains, lagoons, and rare flora and fauna—a cornucopia of photographic material, all at your doorstep!

Tasmania has a proud tradition of Nature Photography dating back to the 1850s where subsequent imagery played a critical role in highlighting the richness of its natural environment whilst providing the inspiration for its preservation—our tours continue in the spirit of that tradition.

Offering all-inclusive adventure packages in every way, we combine your passion for photography with your desire to explore: handling your premium accommodation; locally sourced food and drink; and all the complexities of travel, allowing you to commune with—and capture—the Island’s extreme elemental beauty unimpeded.



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