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Eudaimonia Tasmanian Cycling Tours

Freycinet National Park
Sometimes cows are all the company we need
Get a group of mates together and enjoy everything Tassie has to offer
It's not all about the riding - the food (and beer) stops are just as important
On or off the bike, we're here to have some fun
Sometimes we like to explore off the bike... we won't disclose whether this was ours or not
The mountain, a brewery and trees, what more could one ask for in one ride?
We're a big fan of supporting local events - Bikepacking the Huon Valley Mid Winter Fest in 2019
Epic adventures, epic scenery, unforgettable memories

Born and raised in Tasmanian waters, the team at Eudaimonia Tasmanian Cycling Tours believe that Tasmania is best explored outdoors.
We think that riding along open roads, whether surrounded by trees, a body of water, or maybe nothing but your own breath, is the perfect way to find oneself; to appreciate our place on this earth and how much there is around us.
We want to help you step away from your everyday routine of work and scheduled rides and experience Tasmania in the best way known by our team; on two self-propelled wheels. We’re not here to tear each other to shreds (although in the right scenario, that is always a possibility). While we can’t guarantee tropical weather (or anything close for that matter), we’re here to find a balance between putting your feet up, relaxing by the pool and exploring what we have identified as the best parts of Tasmania.
Whether you have two hours or two weeks, we are here to do all the thinking for you.
From accommodation, route selection and the assurance of having a local to guide you along the way, we want you to experience the best Tassie has to offer.
We pride ourselves in supporting rural communities and small businesses as our way of saying thank you to the amazing state in which we live!



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