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Hyperdrive Kart Racing

Adult karts
Old mezzanine shot without outdoor bridge
Jr Kart checker flag
Jr Kart grid start

Hyperdrive Kart Racing is a state of the art, solar-powered, electric go-kart centre, with a modern 80’s twist. There are karts for any age, from Adult karts, Junior Karts, Duo Karts, and super-fast Shifter Karts for those that qualify.

Hyperdrive offers not only the most exciting go-karting experience in Australia, with a combined indoor-outdoor track of over 550m, and a bridge that shoots out of a wall, but also offers the most sustainable experience, with 100% electric karts, charged mostly with their large solar panel system located on their warehouse roof. Safety is assured with the most modern and safe barrier system in the world, along with remote slow down, or shutoff of karts if ever required.

Hyperdrive is located 15 minutes drive from Hobart with Mount Wellington and the beautiful hills of Kingston and Sandfly as the backdrop to their outdoor section. There is also a café, private rooms for parties and free classic 80’s arcade machines to further enhance the experience. Hyperdrive is an experience like no other and one that all tourists and Tasmanians can enjoy and be proud of.




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