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Islington Hotel

Islington Exterior
Islington Garden Suites
Islington Breakfast at the Conservatory
Enjoy Quality Time
Islington View of Mount Wellington
Signature Suite

Perched in the exclusive enclave of South Hobart, with panoramic views of Mount Wellington, the multi-award winning Islington Hotel is luxury realised.

Slightly removed from the city and showcasing the best of what Tasmania has to offer, the Islington Hotel presents the very best in Tasmanian boutique accommodation. An exclusive hotel of 11 rooms, this historic stately home transports you through the years with its impressive collection of fine art and antique furnishings.

A tranquil setting, stroll through the Islington gardens, and savour the shifting seasons on sun-drenched terraces or by crackling fire. Appreciating local, premium Tasmanian produce, the Islington kitchen serves only the finest culinary experiences to stimulate the senses.




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