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Mona Like a Rockstar

Faro Lunch, Faro Experiments
Void Bar, Mona
MR-II upper deck
Void Bar, Mona

Museum like a rockstar. Sunglasses optional.

Jump on the Mona Roma ferry at 10.15am for a late breakfast in the luxurious Posh Pit (complimentary drinks, tiny food).

On landing at Mona, flash your credentials and be escorted to the Void Bar, where you’ll make friends with the bartender (helpful later) and cop a cocktail to prepare you for the nearby galleries.

After some art, swan into the museum’s Faro Bar and Restaurant for an excessive, luxuriant feast from rockstar executive chef Vinnie—including fancy matched drinks from Mona’s famed wine bunker and exclusive access to some neuron-tingling James Turrell light artworks.

Suitably addled / prepared, you’ll explore David Walsh’s sprawling underground collection of art and antiquities (expanding your rockstar brain) before slipping back onto the ferry (further snacks, drinks) and landing back in Hobart while the night is still young.



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