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Southport Lagoon Campground

Southport Lagoon Campground is a campground in Southport Lagoon Conservation Area, managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania.

This campsite has 4WD access only. ​​​Ten individual campsites are provided near the north-west edge of Southport Lagoon. Each campsite is numbered and camping must only take place at these numbered sites. ​Composting toilets are provided. To ensure they work correctly it is important not to place any foreign objects, portable chemical toilet contents or rubbish into the toilet system.

Campsite bookings are not required, and fees do not apply. The maximum stay permitted is one week. The maximum capacity of the entire campground is 40. You will need to bring your own water. Dogs are not allowed in the reserve.

Fires may only be lit in the designated fireplaces provided, however the use of fuel stoves is recommended to reduce environmental impacts. Firewood is not supplied, you will need to bring firewood with you. Always check local signage and the PWS website for campfire restrictions before lighting a campfire.

Please follow the link for further information about this campground. Refer to the ‘Know before you go’ webpage on the Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania website (parks.tas.gov.au) and take a moment to look over our essential information for visiting Tasmania’s national parks and reserves, including information about alerts, safety and national park entry fees where applicable.


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