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Travel Alerts

Sometimes things happen, and when they do you need to know who to call for help.

Here’s hoping you won’t need our emergency services, but it’s best to be prepared.

Emergency Services

The emergency telephone number in Tasmania is 000. In case of emergency, do not call any other number, dial 000 immediately and you will be connected to the emergency service you require.


TasALERT is the emergency warning and information system in our State. It will provide a single source of clear and consistent emergency and resilience information, in the event of a major emergency.


Tasmania is blessed with plenty of coastline – and most of us choose to live by the water. Whether it’s our highland lakes, wild rivers or rugged coastlines, when you’re enjoying these areas it’s important to be vigilant. We want you to enjoy our spectacular waterways, but always with care. To learn more about waterway safety in Tasmania, check out the MAST website.


While serious bushfire events are few and far between, they can spring up quickly in the summer months. Travellers should check the TAS Fire Service or TasALERT websites. Tune in to ABC Local Radio for information about bushfires and take careful note of instructions.


Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary aren’t just a great place to visit to experience Tasmanian wildlife, they also operate an important Wildlife Rescue Service in our region. If you find an injured or orphaned animal, call Bonorong straight away for advice.
Bonorong also advise to keep the animal warm, in the dark if possible and in a quiet place. Keep handling the animal to a minimum, and DO NOT provide food or drink.

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