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Eaglehawk Neck: Four Natural Wonders That Will Take Your Breath Away

Eaglehawk Neck is the scenic gateway to the Tasman Peninsula, where giant sea cliffs, pristine beaches, and rugged coastlines reign supreme. This area punches well above its weight in the wild natural beauty stakes! Grab your camera, here are four natural wonders at Eaglehawk Neck that will take your breath away.

The Tessellated Pavement
This incredibly rare, unique geological formation is a firm favourite with photographers. Although it’s impressive to explore at any time of day, if you head down at sunrise or sunset you might be lucky enough to witness this natural checkerboard explode with colour.
The unique patterns in the rock face were caused many years ago when movements in the Earth’s crust caused it to crack. The subsequent salt and water erosion carved loaf-like formations near the water’s edge and concave pan-like ’tiles’ further back.The Blowhole
This one’s another natural wonder we can thank years of water and wind erosion for. Stop at the Blowhole and witness the power of nature! Watch from the safety of the walking track and lookout points as large swells push through the small opening from the ocean side and crash into massive boulders in the cauldron. What a wild ride!The Devils Kitchen
What’s cooking? Find out by gazing down the huge sea cliffs in awe at the foaming cauldron below. The fury of the Great Southern Ocean is on display as huge swells crash into the base of the tall cliffs. Impressive!Tasman Arch
You can find this huge rocky archway about 100 metres from the lookout to the Devils Kitchen. It was also created by wind and wave erosion, and the roof is likely to collapse eventually and create another gaping Devils Kitchen. For now (until this impending doom occurs), there are safe walking tracks that allow you to wander around the top and right over the archway itself.Want to visit all four spots? We’ve mapped them out for you here, so grab the camera and jump in the car!
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Daniel Tran

Isabel Galloway

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