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Weekend Guide to Hobart Markets

Discover the best Markets in Hobart and Beyond

Your Weekend Guide to Hobart Markets, southern Tasmania

Hobart is known for its vibrant arts scene and local Markets. Hobart Markets stand out as windows into the local culture, offering an authentic experience that’s both immersive and delightful.

The markets of Hobart and Southern Tasmania are more than just places to shop; they are reflections of the region’s rich culture, traditions, and commitment to sustainability. Each market offers a distinct experience, whether it’s the vibrant atmosphere of Salamanca Market, the culinary delights of Farm Gate Market, or the enchantment of the Hobart Twilight Markets.

Exploring these markets is an immersive journey that allows you to discover the local treasures of Hobart and connects you with the heart and soul of this charming city on the southern edge of Australia.

Salamanca Market: Where Tradition Meets Creativity

Undoubtedly the most iconic market in Hobart, the Salamanca Market has been a staple for both locals and tourists for decades. Set against the historic backdrop of Salamanca Place, this bustling market takes place every Saturday, rain or shine. The market boasts an eclectic range of stalls, from local produce and gourmet food to handcrafted jewelry, artworks, and unique clothing.

Farm Gate Market

Farm Gate Market: A Culinary Haven

For those who appreciate the beauty of locally grown produce and artisanal foods, the Farm Gate Market is a must-visit. Taking place every Sunday in Bathurst Street, this market is a celebration of Tasmania’s bountiful agricultural heritage. Farmers, growers, and food producers converge to offer an array of fresh produce, including seasonal fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and specialty products.

Things to do in Hobart and Surrounds – Markets

Upcoming Hobart Markets


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